Multi Needle, Flat and Curved Waistband Sewing Automat For Jeans


  • Type of machine head KANSAI DLR 1509 is a cylinder bed 1/8 - 1/4 -1 - 1/4 1/8

  • AB 321 efka motor (servo)

  • Adjustable type (type stand)

  • Automatic cut and stitch skipping (programmable)

  • Automatic lifting of the presser foot

  • Needle cooler

  • Puller rolling system

  • Easy to use program with LCD display

  • Presser foot with guide

  • Double tension system

  • Belt puller designed for curved type pulling

  • Easily adjustable rolling system

  • Easily changeable pulling system

  • Cutting blade range 55 mm

  • Max-Speed 3.200 s.p.m

  • Capacity 1.700 to 2.500 in 9 hours



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