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Technical Service

The use of machines and systems (automation) in our country is increasing day by day and gaining importance

The use of machines and systems (automation) in our country is getting more and more important every day. Our industry is dynamic and competing against time 24 hours. Even the smallest possible movements in our business will cause the production to stop completely and cause serious business loss for our company.

For this reason, it is important  that you have an understanding of technical service that gives serious, fast and quality service behind the machines and automations you buy

ASTAS Technical Service is at your service with extensive service network, telephone support, periodical maintenance and fast on-site service. ASTAS, which provides remote control and telephone support, periodic maintenance and fast service on-site services, minimizes the risk of loss of work and ensures that your machines and equipments operate without problems and maximum performance. In this way you get minimum job loss, maximum productivity and profitabilibity

With its quality service, innovative  and fast solutions, comprehensive support and service, Astaş is always at your side.

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