Long Head Programmable Decorative Sewing Automat for Jeans Tubular Legs (working area: 300 mm x 200 mm)


  • Operator-friendly, free programmable LCD touchscreen program panel

  • Decorative sewing / ornamental stitch on tubular leg sections of the finished jeans

  • Excellent seam quality thanks to seperate driven X-Y step motor system

  • Due to its high productivity, the machine is capable of replacing up to six (6) operators

  • Active tension system

  • Durable robust design

  • 300 mm x 200 mm sewing area

  • 400mm extended cylinder arm length for versatile production

  • Ø80 mm. diameter of the cylinder arm

  • 999 program capacity

  • Sewing speed 2.800 spm / direct drive servo motor technology



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