Digital Technology, Direct Drive High Speed Lockstitch Machine with Double Step Motor Transport System and Ultra Short Thread Trimming


  • High efficiency, outstanding performance due to Smart Technology

  • New design ultra short thread trimming system

  • Magnetic thread clamp system at the start of sewing

  • Newly developed double step motor system provides different fabric thicknesses sewing thanks to the automatic sensor

  • Programmable various kind of feed locus

  • Related to fabric thicknesses, automatic feed dog position, feed dog highness, presser foot pressure, tension and speed adjustment systems are available to perform perfect stitching

  • During the presser foot lifting, feed dog lowered under the throat plate.

  • Thanks to the digital feed mechanism, thread trimming is carried out with the feed dog lowered in case the shorter-thread remaining.

  • Due to the feed dog position at the start of sewing and at the end, provides excellent seam quality at very sensitive fabrics

  • At the start of sewing and at the end back-tack or condense stitch function

  • Step motor controlled presser foot lifter system

  • Data transfer is enabled thanks to the NFC and USD technology

  • Productivity control system via tablet or smart phone

  • 5.000 rpm



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