Electronic Direct Drive Under-Belt Shade Stitch Machine With Needle Transport and Puller Unit

Technical Specifications

  • Type of Fabric : For medium weight fabrics

  • Lubrication System : Closed circuit micro-oiling system

  • Max Stitch Length : 4,5 mm

  • Hook System : Automatically lubricated hook

  • Max. Sewing Speed : 5.000 rpm

  • Needle Type : DPX5


  • Automatic thread trimmer and wiper

  • Automatic presser foot lifter

  • Speed setting feature on electronic panel

  • Perfect Stitch Quality due to needle transport

  • Ergonomical design and easy use

  • Direct Drive servo motor technology

  • High Efficiency - Superior Performance

  • Maximum Energy saving

  • Belt free, vibration free and silent working environment

  • Closed circuit automatic micro oiling system

  • Micrometric foot pressure setting feature

  • Spot free operation possibility

  • Presser foot fast/slow drop feature (parameter)

  • Sewing Speed 5.500 spm

  • Capacity: 550 pcs / 8 hour



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